Beginner bass students start with the Simandl Bass method. In my experience, this has been the foundation of all other modern bass methods and is important to have an understanding of to be a successful bassist. I teach french bow grip for bass players, but can also work with students who prefer German grip. I also teach all of my bass students seated in a stool. I believe this will encourages a more stable posture while playing which helps to avoid future health problems. For cellists, Alan Schroeder’s method books with scales added to the etudes. Cello students will also use the Suzuki books for songs to learn in addition to the etudes, though the Suzuki method is not taught. I also believe all of my students should have an understanding of music theory. Each of my students should expect to develop an understanding of music theory as they progress in their instruments. In so doing, they will also come to develop an understanding and love for music in general.



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You can pay for your lessons with cash or check or you can pay online. Checks can be made out either to Bass Clef Studios or to Kayleigh Dahl. Be advised that a $1.50 processing fee will be added to online payments. Pay online »


TUITION – Lessons are $40/hour. Payment may be made weekly, or monthly depending on the needs of the student. If Student requests monthly payment, tuition is due the first lesson of each month. If payment is late (week two etc) a $10 late fee will be assessed. To gain the most benefits of studying with me it is highly recommended that the student take a minimum of six months of lessons. LESSON ATTENDANCE – Each student in the studio is entitled to one lesson per week, given at the same time and place each week. If the student has legitimate reason to cancel the lesson or I am given at least 24 hours advance notice, the tuition will not be charged for the lesson. Legitimate reasons are sudden illness, family emergency, car has broken down, etc will be excused and no tuition is due. If a student does not give me the required advance notice of 24 hours or there is not extreme circumstance tuition will still be due. If a student misses lessons without contacting me, they may forfeit their lesson time to someone on the waiting list. No tuition refunds will ever be issued. In the event that I am unable to teach a lesson, I will return the same courtesy of 24 hours advance notice. I ask that each student arrive five minutes prior to his/her scheduled lesson time. This will ensure that students will receive their full-allotted time. If a student is late, that is time that they have missed this time. I will not run any lesson past its scheduled time. PRACTICING – Practicing is vital in the development of any skill, especially music. Practice may include anything that contributes to the learning of the bass. For example: listening to bassist, practicing scales, researching the history of pieces, listening to classical music, focusing on new techniques during ensembles, etc. I will ask each student to report his/her practice time each week. Students who do not practice will be warned, than if the problem persists, they will be required to give up their lesson time to someone on the waiting list. No refunds will be issued. Please understand that I am a very kind and caring teacher, but I do expect all of my students to practice. Recitals will be required as the student reaches higher skill levels. LOCATIONS – Lessons will be taught at my private home studio at 1407 W 400 S Salt Lake City, Utah 84104. If you have any further questions please contact me: 801.664.9956 kayleigh@bassclefstudios.com Download Contract (PDF) »