François Rabbath – Impressions from ISB 2017

For any of you who where at ISB conference know that François Rabbath gave a recital  during one of the evenings, it was a highlights of the week. But let me take my story back a few year earlier.

During my third year in the music program at the University of Utah, I was in a string pedagogy class from Denson Angulo when I first learned about Rabbath. This was the time when I wanted to do a more research into what his method to playing to bass was and how it was different than the methods I had been learning up until this point in my bass playing career. It was not long before then, that Denson Angulo performed Rabbath’s Poucha Dass in one of his recitals, (Click here for the YouTube recording). I wanted to research out of class more about this method, and have a really good understanding of this master’s way of playing bass.

I hate to admit, but this desire to learn more about Rabbath, and his method, was put on the back burner until I attending ISB this year. So, one of my goals for the next coming months will be to learn more about the Rabbath method to playing the bass and learning Poucha Dass. With this I will able to incorporate this method into my teaching studio, but also pass on his tradition of playing the bass.

I can say that this tradition will be an important one to share after watching him perform with love for the bass, the audience, and other performers on stage (as seen in the photo above) was astounding. This is the kind of energy that I think is what a true master of the instrument should be sharing. I am grateful that I was able to see this performance and feel his energy. Where I don’t yet share this kind of love and energy on the stage, I hope that my students and I will be able to do that in due time.

Have you seen Rabbath play? Did you go to ISB and attend the recital as well? If so, what was your favorite part?